So, you have arrived to javierorlandi.com. Wellcome! I’m a scientist working at the interface of Systems Neuroscience, Complexity and Statistical Physics, and in here you’ll find my contributions to these fields.

In 2022 I started at the University of Calgary as an Assistant Professor in the Physics and Astronomy department. and I run the Complex Neural Systems Lab as a newly appointed Canada Research Chair. Current research focuses on revealing the underlying principles of distributed coding in the brain and their impact on perception and learning. Our research combines computational and theoretical work with large-scale calcium imaging experiments and closed-loop optogenetic manipulation with partners at the University of Calgary, the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, and the Computational Neuroscience Platform. Interested in working with us? Get in touch!

I obtained my Ph.D. in 2015 at the Physics Faculty in the University of Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. Jaume Casademunt. The main focus was on trying to understand the emergence of spontaneous activity in neuronal cultures. Afterwards, I began a short postdoc at the University of Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. Jordi Soriano and Dr. Jordi Alberch to study the effective connectivity of neuronal networks in Huntington’s disease. In August of 2016 I joined the group of Dr. Jörn Davidsen at the University of Calgary to continue my research in the physics of neuronal systems. From 2019 to 2022 I worked at the RIKEN Center for Brain Science in Japan as a Human Frontiers Fellow in Dr. Andrea Benucci’s lab, studying the neuronal underpinning of large-scale cortical processing during decision-making.